I have chosen a Hajj/Umrah package. What do I do next?

The old method of completing a visa form has been abolished, as this information is electronic now. Each family member must complete a separate application form, and choose the package they wish to book. We will require 2 passport size photos, a meningitis certificate, and a Passport that is valid for 6 months. We will call you to arrange your booking and a deposit.

Should I take any vaccinations before I leave?

Yes, We recommend you to contact your GP to confirm you’re fit to travel. If you’re going for Hajj or Umra then the legal requirement is to take a Meningitis vaccination a few weeks before departing.

Can I see my ATOL certificate before I travel?

Yes, of course. All our packages are covered under ATOL. This license means you have financial security with us all the way.

What if I change my mind after I’ve paid deposit?

All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are calculated by each person travelling in your family, so a refund isn’t offered. Sometimes airlines offer a credit equivalent to the deposit with their airline for the next 12 months. However, this isn’t always guaranteed.

Are children allowed to go for Hajj or Umrah?

From a fiqh perspective, yes they can. Please contact us to make their travel reservations. They must be fit to travel. However, please use your best judgement when travelling with infants and smaller children.

Will a female guide be available on every single Hajj and Umra package?

Please check with us beforehand, she is usually always available on the Hajj packages, and a selected Umrah. She travels whenever her husband is travelling due to the mahram requirement.

Who can qualify as a Mahram?

The guardian of the woman should be with her. These are people you can’t marry.

Muslim woman cannot marry the following:

  • Son (son's son, daughter's son, husband's son by another woman)
  • Father (Father's father, mother's father)
  • Brother real or step (in having same father or mother)
  • Brother's son
  • Sister's son
  • Father's brother
  • Mother's brother
  • Foster son (through breast-feeding only)
  • Foster brother (through breast-feeding only)
  • Son-in-law
  • Stepfather
  • Husband
  • Father-in-law

Can a woman travel alone without a mahram?

Generally speaking, No. The majority of the Madhabs (schools of thought) hold this opinion. Except Imam Shafi ra who allowed women to travel in a group if she’s safe. Their may be some exceptions depending on factors such as age; however, it is highly preferable she travels with a mahram.

Is it permissible to take pills to stop period during Hajj/Umrah?

The scholars say this is permissible when there is no long-term harm to the body in doing so. Otherwise it is isn’t advised. All sisters should plan this in advance, however there are drugs available in pharmacies in Makkah and Medina to purchase over the counter.

I want to go to Hajj or umra but I cant afford this all at once.

We offer a flexible payment plan for people who may need this option. Eg if you want to book your hajj in advance, You can choose to pay smaller fixed instalments per month in to our business account. This can be agreed once the booking has been made. If you are employed, then we would require a proof of 3 months’ bank statements confirming your full name, address, account details and account history. 

How much deposit is needed?

For Hajj the deposit is £1,000, for Umra it is £100. Full payment is required 6 weeks before departure. Deposits are non refundable.

Who is the Muallim at Hajj time?

He is a Saudi official who organises many things for us during our time in Saudi Arabia. Examples include Mina tents, food, transport and other facilities during Hajj.

Is Qurbani included?

No, however we can arrange this and you can pay a small amount separately. It's approxamately £100 for a complete lamb and not a shared animal. Please ask your tour operator for full details.

Where are the points of Meeqat?

1.Dhul-Hulaifa: This is the miqat for the residents of Madinah and for those who approach Makkah via that route. It is about 9 kilometers from Madinah and about 250 kilometers from Makkah.

2.Juhfah: This is the miqat for the people who come from Syria or from that direction. This is about 180 kilometers to the west of Makkah.

3.Qarn al-Manazil: This is a hilly place about 50 kilometers to the east of Makkah, and is the miqat for the people of Najd or for those coming from that side.

4.Zat Irq: This is the miqat for the people of Iran, Iraq and for those coming from that direction. This is about 80 kilometers towards the north-east side of Makkah.

5.Yalamlam: This is a hilly area about 60 kilometers to the south-east of Makkah and is the miqat for the people of Yaman and others coming from that direction. From example, it is the miqat for the pilgrims from India, Pakistan, China, Japan, etc., who come by ship.

Why don’t you offer 2 and 3 star hotels?

Because the majority of 2 and 3 star hotels are far from the Haramain. Additionally their level of hygiene and living standard isn’t the same as 4 and 5 star. We prefer you to spend slightly more, and have a comfortable hassle free journey as this is a once in a lifetime trip.

Which hotels do you primarily use during Hajj and Umra?

In Makkah the hotels can be from the following:

Pullman Zamzam, Al Safwa Royal Orchid, Dar Al eiman Safwa, Movenpick Al Hijar, Famont Makkah, Swissotel Makkah, Dar al Eiman Grand

Medina Hotels:

Dar Al Eima Royal, Anwar Al Madina Movenpick, Al Haram Hotel, Dar Al Taqwa, Hilton Madina, Crowne Plaza, Dar Al Hijra Intercontinatal, Da Al Eiman Taiba, Al Saha Hotel, Dar Al Eiman Ohud. Please note we cant always get your desired hotel due to bookings being made in advance. Please see our Hotels tab for more details.

I went on Umrah recently, do I still need to show my meningitis certificate?
Yes, as its a legal requirement. If you have had the vaccination before and lost it, just request the pharmacy to give you a copy and that will suffice.

During Hajj, can we travel in private coaches instead of Ministry of Hajj coaches?
We dont use our private coach unless on a Ziyarah in both cities (Makkah and Medina). We are allocated a time slot by the Mutawwif. Pilgrims are advised to stay in there rooms/tents until we announce the departure time for the coach. For Hajj we have to use the Ministry of Hajj coaches.

What's a non shifting package and whats the difference from a shifting one?
A shifting package is where a pilgrim stays in one location (doesnt shift) and stays only in economy hotels through out. They only leave the economy hotels for the 5 days of Hajj. The difference is you wont be staying in a 5 star package, and maybe more further away from Mina/Muzdalifa/Arafaat as you're closer to the kaba instead of going to the aziziyah apartments.

What are the advantages of a shifting Hajj package?
You stay in 5* hotels instead of basic ones. 
After your 1st umrah, you'll be tired and will require rest before starting your Hajj journey.
The aziziyah apartments will be approximately 30 minutes walk from Mina/Muzdalifa so pilgrims can go to their apartments, shower there and come back.
After your Hajj you'll be staying in the 5* hotels, this time is less busy and at the doorstep of the haram.

How many days do we spend in the aziziyah apartments?
This will depend on what package you've booked with us, Please see the itinerary for detailed information. Usualy it is 3 or 4 days.

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