To go for Hajj or Umrah is unlike any other journey.

It’s an experience that can change your life.

Hajj Packages

Economy 26 days Hajj
27 Days 5* Package
5* early Hajj Package

Umrah Packages

Easter Holidays 4* Umrah
Dec Umrah Package (4*)
5* Easter Umrah


Living in the west we’re surrounded by immorality in our 9 - 5 lifestyles. This trip is designed to bring back that missing ingredient, a powerful connection with Allah. When YOU see the places the Prophet lived, walked, fought, cried and laughed YOU’LL feel a strong bond and a deep love of Allah and his Messenger . We’ll provide YOU with great Islamic memories to inspire you for the rest of your lives.


From the moment YOU book your package until you arrive home safely, we assist YOU from start to finish. We work in association with reputable companies such as Movenpick Hotel, Dar Al Eiman 5*, and Saudi Airlines to bring you even more convenience and comfort. Our multi lingual tour guides are friendly, approachable, and there till the end to give you an efficient service and peace of mind.


Together we’ll visit key historical landmarks, learning timeless morals and lessons from our prophet’s life (seerah). YOU will be deeply moved appreciating this is where the prophet smiled, cried, went through trials and tribulations. Revelation descended to him from above the seven heavens in these very places. We’ll take inspiration and feel motivated to appreciate their sacrifices they made for Islam. This will be like no other journey you’ve experienced insha-Allah.


From the moment you chant the talbiya  ‘Here I am oh Allah, Here I am’ to seeing the Kaba for the first time, Sacred Lands can help to bring YOUR heart to life. YOUR journey travelling with a likeminded group will be like no other. YOU can socialise, learn, encourage and help one another. Allah promises an accepted hajj the reward of Paradise, we can help YOU reach YOUR goal.


Our packages are strictly Quran and Sunnah based. Travelling is the ultimate education, as a textbook can never give you any experience. YOU will learn about the battle of Uhud while overlooking and standing next to the mountain with your family. YOU will see where the Quraysh approached the battlefield from. YOU will see where Khalid Bin Waleed bought his cavalry. YOU will experience with your own eyes the mastery of the prophet in his tactics and strategy.


Here at Sacred Lands, we are exceptional and help everyone. Having a male and female tour guide ensures there’s help for YOUR whole family. We guarantee all our mothers and sisters receive the same amount of commitment, support as any other male orientated tour provider. This unique opportunity means sisters can socialise, learn, and relax in the same way men encounter at Hajj. We ensure YOUR trips enjoyable by our little tips e.g we tell you the least crowded times to do Tawaaf, or what to do if menstruation occurs during your trip.

Focus on the purpose of your visit. We’ll take care of everything else.

Thank You Very Much For Arranging Everything For Us.. A Very Peaceful and Spiritual Journey, One My children will Hopefully Remember.. JZK.

Mrs. Mustaq Valli


Make your dream a reality.

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